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Frequently Asked Questions

What is..

Docket Alerts is a robust case alert service to efficiently monitor activity of cases in the New York Unified Court System, Cook and Collar counties in Illinois, by delivering fast, accurate, and consolidated email alerts when an event occurs.

ECF Verify is an electronic case file (ECF) verification alert for any changes in the court dockets that did not generate email notifications from By monitoring and delivering undelivered e-mails from, ECF Verify protects firms from the risk of missed court dates and critical information including scheduling times for arguments or change in courtrooms.

eDocs Alerts is an instant document delivery and document access service for state jurisdictions. It automatically deliver all documents associated with New York Supreme Court cases being monitored but are not an attorney of record.

Getting started

To get started, need the index/case numbers or case title or jurisdiction to search for cases to monitor and select the type of notifications you want. During the trial period, a credit card is not required.

A credit card is not required to sign up or subscribe to alerts during the 60-day trial period. Once the trial period ends, you will need a credit card to continue receive alerts for subscribed cases.

Once you subscribe to a case, you will begin receiving alerts when ever there is court activity for that case.

No, there is no limit to the number of cases you can monitor.

No, there is no limit to the number of alerts you can receive.

Can I..

Yes, you can manage alerts for your entire firm.

No, you will receive alert whenever there is activity.

Not at this time, but alerts by text messages will be available in the near future.

No, changes will have to be made to cases individually.

Yes, you can print your alerts services, account activity reports, case subscription lists and search results.

How do I..

You will receive the alerts via email notifications.

Go to my account and click on "Alert Recipient" and create a new alert recipient list.

Go to my account and click on "Billing Reference" and create a new billing reference list. Billing References can be client names, matter, case numbers or titles, and other field that meet your firm's requirements

You can generate an account activity report based on date ranges and Billing References (client, matter, case, other) to bill back your clients for the docket alerts.

To cancel your account, please call 800-293-2771.


Yes. You can edit alert services, billing reference, and recipients.

Yes, you can update your payment information from the My Account section.

You can cancel at anytime by calling 800-293-2771.